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For the past year and a half, the District had three studies done that included a Demographics Study, Status of Enrollment Study, and a Facilities Assessment Study (Master Plan) on how to better serve the students of our district. Throughout the three studies/assessments planning process, feedback was gathered from community, Iowa Lakes Corridor, city municipalities, Dickinson County, staff, students, administration, and school board. The following outcomes were identified:


  • Students receive more class time

  • Minimize Operational Costs

  • Maximize Instructional Resources

  • Increase Flexibility in Student Schedules

  • Improve safety for the Middle School students at pick-up and drop-off



  • Create 21st Century Learning Environments

  • Exploration Learning

  • Flexibility

  • Access to Modern Learning Spaces



  • Accessibility

  • Student-Centered Spaces


At Okoboji Schools, we are Pioneering Pathways for Every Student by creating learning experiences to prepare each and every student to solve the problems of tomorrow. We focus on providing students with the competencies and skills needed to thrive beyond their years at Okoboji Schools. By building on the outstanding foundation and diverse learning opportunities available, we are able to construct pathways of success that allow our students to excel in communicating, collaborating, critical thinking, and fostering community—wherever their paths may take them. 


Middle School New Facility

  • Students receive more class time

    • Reduce bus transportation times by centralizing all schools

    • Start/Stop times closer together between schools

    • Eliminate bus shuttles between MS & HS

  • Maximize resource efficiency/equitability

    • MS & HS staff can be easily shared between buildings

    • MS students can take advanced classes at the HS, eliminating bus usage

    • Maintenance staff are now centralized to all three buildings

    • Bus routes are now centralized to all three buildings

  • Unify all middle school students

  • Opportunities for outdoor learning

  • Secure public entrance

  • New parent/bus pick-up/drop-offs

  • Fully accessible (ADA compliant)

  • Storm Shelter


High School & Elementary Improvements

  • Remove and Install new roof

  • Elementary Playground Equipment


Athletic Facility Improvements

  • Removal and Install new track

  • Grade, new soil, crown, and seed football field

Site Plans and renderings

Okoboji Middle School Site Rendering
Okoboji Middle School Site Plan

Geotechnical Site Report

Middle School Repurposing

Topographic Surveys


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